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Одложено плаќање на данокот на имот
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По поднесено барање на даночниот обврзник, Градоначалникот може да го одложи извршувањето на Решението, односно да дозволи одложено плаќање на обврските или плаќање на рати до донесување решение по жалба, под услов ако даночниот обврзник приложи банкарска гаранција, ако уплати готовински депозит или обезбеди друг инструмент за осигурување на плаќањето.

Одложеното даночно плаќање се однесува на даночна обврска поголема од 10,000.00 денари.

Плаќањето на даночната обврска може да се одобри на 12 месечни рати.

Данок на имот
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Account numbers for payment of property tax, sales tax
Issuance of financial cards to taxpayers

Center for Citizen Service - counter no.5

At the request of the person a card is issued for paying duties and all types of taxes.

The deadline for publication of the act - immediately.

Authorities of Department for tax administration

Department for tax administration accomplishes the following work:

  • Confirmation of the contributions, taxes and reimbursements which are income of the municipality;
  • Confirmation of the tax payment to a gift and property heritage;
  • Confirmation of the market value of the real estates in  the municipality;
  • Keeping register to a private property;
  • Finding solutions of the tax liberation;
  • Other work based on the Law for taxes, Law for communal taxes and reimbursements and other laws and regulations which need to arrange the sources of the incomes to the municipality.
Request Forms

Decisions for recovery of erroneous payment of property tax, sales tax and communal charges

Office for archive working

People complete an Application for repayment of overpaid or wrongly paid debt (final form by the municipality) with:

  1. Proof of payment (original payment PP-50),
  2. Transactional account which should return the funds.

The deadline for adoption of the Act is 30 days after the receipt of complete documentation.

Decision for postponing the execution

Office for archive working

A Request is completed for postponement of execution (final form by the municipality) with:

  1. Bank guarantee or,
  2. Proof of payment of a cash deposit to a separate deposit account or
  3. Another document to ensure the payment.

The deadline for adoption of the Act is 15 days after submission of the complete documentation.

Client reception and issuing orders for all types of fees and taxes

Center for Citizen Service - counter no.4 and 5

Based on the issued decision with which the person is obliged to tax, at the request of a party there is a payment issued.

The deadline of issuing - immediately.

Receiving complaints and their solving in the area of all taxes

Center for Citizen Service - counter no.1

People appeal on the basis of specific borrowing on the basis of income with:

  1. Decision on tax,
  2. Proof-a document depending on the subject of the related complaints.

The deadline for adoption of the Act is 30 days after receipt of complete documentation.

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