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Department for surveillance over the life environment

Department for surveillance over the life environment accomplishes the work which refers to:

  • Inspection surveillance according with the law regulative from the area of life environment protection and the nature, the quality of the area ambient, area space planning and the regulations which regulate this area;
  • Prepares acts and other materials such as: suggestions to the Mayor and the Council with its working, analysis for precise conditions in the municipality;
  • Inspection surveillance over the usage on the technical-technological measures for protection of the air and water, land and plants from pollution, protection on special natural treasures, protection of noise and harmful ionized and un-ionized radiance.
  • Leads act, brings solutions and sets applications for submitting violated act in front of the authorized court;
  • Does other work which will be put in its authority;
Department for inspectional surveillance

Department for inspectional surveillance of different competences of the municipalities accomplishes the following work:

  • Inspectional surveillance in accomplishing the laws, other regulations and general acts in the pedagogic-educational departments based by the Municipality of Stip;
  • Inspectional surveillance on confirmation and payment of the property taxes or according to the Law for property tax;
  • Checking the conditions and value of the real estate which needs to be a subject of levy;
  • Inspection surveillance over the catering service- doers of the catering industry from small character, according to the Law for catering service;
  • Inspection surveillance of the tourist activity-doers of the tourist industry from a small character, according to the Law for tourist activity and the Law for doing handicraft activity;
  • Inspection surveillance in the area of the communal work confirmed with the Law for communal activities and other laws from this area;
  • Suggests measures for the illegality in the working of the educational-pedagogic institutions according to the Law for high school education and the Law for primary education;
  • Reports the Council of the Municipality and the municipality for the done inspection surveillance;
  • Does other work which will be put in their surveillance.
Department for administrative support of the Mayor

Department for administrative support of the Mayor accomplishes the following work:

  • Corrects and keeps all the written acts for the needs of the Mayor;
  • Appoints and keeps a reminder of the appointed meetings and accountings of the Mayor;
  • Accepts the delivered written materials, sends them to the mayor and the authoritative departments and sectors;
  • Coordinates and cooperates with the departments in preparing public appearances and media relations;
  • Transfers all the reports to the publicity and the media after an assignment of the Mayor;
  • Takes care for the communications of parties at the Mayor;
  • Organizes and prepares meetings at the Mayor;
  • Organizes protocol receptions, visits, meetings at the mayor and the president of the council;
  • Organizes denoting the state and municipal holidays, significant events and people in the municipality;
  • Prepares and organizes business travelling of the mayor in the country and in the foreign countries.
Department for intern revision

Department for intern revision:

  • Does intern revision, according to the law and with the system and the procedures for intern revision set by the municipality according to the international standards for professional working of the intern revision accepted by the Ministry of Finance;
  • Prepares annual plan for intern revision  and after the approval from the Mayor of the Municipality, secures his following and realization;
  • Delivers reports for the done intern revision to the Mayor and the Council of the municipality;
  • Prepares quarter and annual reports for the working of the intern revision;
  • Grades the significant factors on the risk and giving advices to the mayor of the Municipality for lowering the risk factors;
  • On the basis of the working analysis, confirms and grades the economics, efficiency and effectiveness in the working of the systems for finance administration and control and gives recommendations for the improvement of the municipal administration working;
  • Follows and checks the validity and completeness of the accountancy evidence and the finance reports;
  • Confirms and grades the adjustments of the working with the laws, the sub-laws and the protection organs.
Department for protection and rescue

Department for protection and rescue accomplishes the following work:

  • Makes a local plan for protection and rescuing;
  • Suggests measures for protection and rescuing;
  • Realizing measures for protection and rescuing;
  • Accomplishes education of personnel in TPPE;
  • Fire extinguishing on the municipality area;
  • Removing the danger for fire origination;
  • Life rescuing and protection of the property jeopardized by fires and explosions;
  • Adverting technical help when accidents and dangerous situations;
  • Accomplishing other work when accidents and troubles;
  • Does non-profitable services because of the improvement of the technical equipment and conditions for work, which disable or stop the doing of the function from the previous paragraphs of this attitude;
  • Together with the territory fire-fighting units of the municipalities in RM confirmed with law, act as fire-fighting units of Republic of Macedonia because of the operative acting when extinguishing big fires on the whole territory of Republic of Macedonia;
  • Helping when it’s asked for extinguishing fire in other countries;
  • Keeping evidence of the fire, explosions, interventions for other events according to the unique methodology and reporting them to the Direction for protection and rescuing and the Municipality of Stip;
  • Periodically questioning and checking to the accuracy of the fire-fighting equipment which is under control of the Territory fire-fighting protection;
  • Current fixing and maintenance of the mechanics;
  • Giving fire-fighting security on objects, delegations, public events, sport and other manifestations, in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Does training from the area of the fire-fighting protection on subjects of ARM;
  • Education of the citizens for fire protection, through lecture organization, through media and organizing other activities;
  • Accomplishes the law normative from the area of administration with crisis on a local level;
  • Prepares evaluation on the risks and dangers on a local level;
  • Confirms the needs and plans resources;
  • Prepares program for revitalization of the municipality after eliminating the crisis;
  • Takes care for the accomplishing of the Government decisions related with the dealing with the crisis;
  • Does other work which will be given in confidence;
Department for administering with human resources

Department for administering with human resources accomplishes the following work:

  • Accomplishes the organizational surveillance of the organ;
  • Secures methodological, organizational and technical support when making the systematization of the working places;
  • Participates in making the design-rule of the working places in the municipality;
  • Plans and accomplishes trainings for the employees in the municipal administration;
  • Cooperates with the Department for internal requisition for planning and accomplishing the training for the internal revision;
  • Does other work which will be put in their authority.
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