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PD for urbanism, arranging of the constructional area “Stip-Proekt”- Stip is founded from the Council of the Municipality of Stip on the 11.03.1998, and practically begins to function and work from 09.05.1998.

P.D.”Stip Project”-Stip works as a juridical individual with a special public interest form the Municipality of Stip in which composition are the next working units:

  • working unit for urbanismstip-proekt_ulici_resize
  • working unit for geodesy
  • working unit for arranging a constructional area
  • working unit for maintenance of the traffic
  • financial-material department
  • law department


P.D. “Stip-Project”-Stip is doing the next activities:


  • making urbanism plan for the Municipality of Stip, making a technical documentation related with realizing of the urbanism plans and geodetic work according with the urbanistic plans, urbanistic planning and realization;
  • arranging of the constructional land;
  • arranging and maintenance of the streets and traffics;
  • Left unmentioned communal activities.

Financing of the main activities (arranging of the constructional land, building and maintenance of the streets and traffics, and remained unmentioned communal activities) is doing from the gathered means for arranging of the constructional land, a part of the means from the municipal fund for roads and streets and from other services completed for the juridical and physical individuals.

Financing of the urban plans is done from the Municipal budget, and from other incomes made with completing services for the citizens and the remained juridical individuals. The employed in PD Stip-Project, as competent for feasibility of the Program for arranging of the constructional land they direct their own activity towards the accomplishing of the program which presents an obligation of the PD.

The accomplishing of the assignments with the program represent a continuing process which is permanently creating processes and possibilities for realization of the program assignments.

Making of the urban plans

Making and accomplishing of the annual programs for urban planning on the territory of the Municipality of Stip.

Owning an authorization (license) for making urban plans, is following the interest of the investors home and foreign for the local development through the urban planning, permanently expanding the value of the constructional land (in private and public property) through planning, and in that way affects on the economical development through the component of the urban planning.

Arranging of the constructional land

Through realizing of the annual programs for arranging of the constructional land for the Municipality of Stip PD Stip-Project is arranging the whole constructional area of the new predicted parcels for housing, work and similar with infrastructure ( water supply, fecal canalization , an approach and electro supply).

Maintenance of the streets and roads

stip-proekt_ulici_2_resizeThrough the brought annual programs for building and maintenance of the local roads and streets in the city of Stip, PD Stip-Project is making a permanent summer and winter maintenance, repairing on the holes, repairing of the digs on the public-traffic streets, usual marking on the horizontal and vertical signalization, and maintenance on the light systems. Maintenance of the atmosphere canalization and remained communal activities, for which there is a provided mechanization and proper expert personnel.

Group for geodesy work

This group disposes with modern equipment and a total station CET600 with a software for making backgrounds for urban plans, projects for yard arrangements, excluding of parcels and objects, making of elaborates for incorporation with a high percent of validity.





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