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Realized projects with a local importance in 2008
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 13:59
  1. Project: Business center

Realized or set (short description): Opening a business center for giving a support and services of the SMC (small and middle companies)

Budget: 10.000, euro

Way of financing: APPRM and the Ministry of Economics

Duration of the activities: 2008

  1. Project: Forum of the communities 2 call

Realized or set (short description): Set project

Budget: 130.505,euro

Way of financing: 75% Swiss agency for development,, 25% the Municipality of Stip

Duration of activities: 2008

  1. Project: One desk system support of the process of decentralization, Finish consulting group EAR.

Realized and set (short description): Organizing of work shops and arranging of space and equipment for the center- ongoing

Way of financing: European agency for reconstruction, Finish consulting group

Duration of activities: 2008 -2009 year

  1. Arranged and clean life environment for more qualitative living

Realizing or set (short description): Project for public things. Temporal working engaging 49 unemployed individuals from the Municipality of Stip, providing their existence , reintegration along the market of the working power, instauration of their working capacity, enlargement of their motivation for work. Improvement of the life environment, improvement of the quality for the services of the PD Stip Project towards the citizens. Protection of the local roads, cleaning of the vegetation and protection of the streets, maintenance and improvement of the road infrastructure, providing of the walking zone; Protection from atmosphere water and flooding. Strengthening of the public conscious of the citizens for protection of the life environment where they live, and with that protection for their own health.

Budget :78.920, denars

Way of financing : Ministry of labor and social politics

  1. 1. Maintenance of the green and public areas in UE: 8 Noemvri, Senjak and Babi

Realized and set (short description): Project for public work. Along with the project is provided maintenance and restoring of the green areas in three Urban Communities on the territory of Stip 8 Noemvri, Senjak and Babi. With the project are predicted these next activities:

-Horticultural arranging and maintenance of the existing and forming of the new green areas in U.Z.

-Maintenance of the existing alleys and forming new alleys on the boulevards.

-Maintenance of the public cleanness. For realization of the project activities will be engaged 94 unemployed individual in the period of 6 months.

Temporal working engaging of 94 unemployed individuals, securing their existing , reintegration along  The market of the working power, restoration of their capacity, expansion of their motivation for work. Amelioration of the life environment, improvement of the services of the PD Isar towards the citizens.

Strengthening of the public conscious on the citizens for protection on the life environment, expansion on the feeling for responsibility for protection on the environment in which they live, and with that protection on their own health.

Budget: 5.521.766 denars

Way of financing: Ministry for labor and social politics

Duration of the activities: July-December 2009

  1. Making a tourist informatory for the Municipality of Stip CHB

Budget 7000 euro CHB

  1. 9. Reinforcement and building of capacities of young educated unemployed individuals for self organizing, promotion and services in  the Rural tourism for the Municipalities of Stip, Karbinci and Sveti Nikole

Budget: 5000 euro

Way of financing : GTZ

Duration of the activities :2008



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