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Muzej_Artistic_3The Museum was formed in 1950 as a city institution, but in 1955 it was transformed into a regional museum. Attempts to make any short list of biggest advantages and successes of city’s museum is difficult job. It is not simple, because the museum posses many collections in the area of archeology, ethnology, history, art history and modern art.

Main activities of the city’s museum in Stip is to explore, discover and preserve historical material, professional protection of archeological material and protection of the city monuments with large historical value. Muzej_1_2Among other activities, people in the city’s museum also take care for church galleries, and reconstruction of ancient city of Bargala.

During work on the pipelines, a settlement from the earliest Neolithic phase, the only of the kind in Macedonia, has been unearthed near Stip. A team of archaeologists working in the field near the village of Krupiste has found the settlement at the Grncarica locality.

During work on the piplines, a settlement from the earliest Neolithic phase, the only of the kind in Macedonia, has been unearthed near Stip. A team of archaeologists working in the field near the village of Krupiste has found the settlement at the Grncarica locality.

Archaeological finding has shown that it is about the oldest settlement from the Neolithic in our country. It is a part of the first phase of Amzabegovo-Vrsnik group, which archaeologists have not been able to capture so far. This site is extremely important for the archaeological science.

Later, a skeleton that was unearthed at the Grancarica archaeological site near Stip and later named Slave Makedonski is 6.745 years old and lived in the early Neolithic period. Carbon dating analyses, carried out at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, showed the skeleton was the oldest one found in Southeast Europe.

The analyses of the samples sent to the university in Scotland indicate that the skeleton is 6.745 years old, minus or plus 30 years. According to the findings, the Grancarica site dated back to the early Neolithic period and was the oldest one in Southeast Europe.

People's theatre

teatarIn 2001, city theatre in Stip celebrated 50 years anniversary. This theatre was formed in 1949 as a regional institution, but real works begin 2 years later.First workers were teachers that made theatre performances with pupils groups. It was a possibility to identify talented students, that will became professional actors. In the 50’s of the past century, city theatre in Stip made many performances in more then a hundred cities across the world. In the past, people from this theatre made 300 premieres and more then a 5000 reprises. During those 5 decades of existence, more then 1 million visitors saw some of the drama performances. This theatre is well known for quality drama performances but also with very talented actors that are famous in Macedonia.

City library "Goce Delcev"

City Library, “Goce Delcev” has two epithets – National and Regional library, with home and deposit activity. It started with work from 1872 as a reading room, with the charitable contributions of Stip’s donors. Biblioteka_Goce_Delcev_2 In 1972 year it grew in National Library and receives the name of the great Macedonian ideologue Goce Delcev.

Today, it is regional and national library, which activity covers not only Stip and Karbinci but also eastern region of Republic of Macedonia. The library is open type. Books, magazines, newspapers and other publications are available to readers every day in the week, from 7am till 7pm. In its composition works departments for kids of pre-school and school age, for adults, for processing of monographic publications and for previous editions, department for deposit literature and music, department for home activity.

Centre of culture "Aco Sopov"

dom_na_kulturataCentre of Culture “Aco Sopov” in Stip is built in 1979 and has a useful area of 3100 m² of which 420 m² are for the stage area. Centre has a large hall with 615 seats and small hall, i.e. the scene with 120 seats. Within performance activity of Centre are organized manifestations in the area of musical scene arts, dramatic, fine, literary art, as well variety of social and cultural - educational forms (lectures, debates, academies, etc). Many events occurred at the center: pop festival “Makfest”, “Bienale studio of art-drawings” in honour of the poet Aco Shopov and others. Annualy, more than 130 events took place at the center.  In the part of the building was placed army cultural center, but it was given to the new formed University and transformed into a head office of the University of Goce Delchev.


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