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Prim. MA Ilcho Zahariev

ilco-zaharievPersonal information
Prim. MA Ilcho Zahariev was born on December 24th, 1960 in the village Zvegor, Municipality of Delchevo. He lives in Shtip since 1985 until today. He is a family man, married, father of two children. His wife is a pharmacist, his daughter is a graduated pharmacist and is currently working on her doctorate, and his son is a high school student at the High School Gymnasium “Slavcho Stojmenski” in Shtip.

He finishes primary school in his village with a great success, and secondary school he finishes in the Gymnasium “Metodija Mitevski Brico” in Delchevo, also with a great success as one of the best students in the generation. During his high school education he participates in many competitions in the field of natural and social sciences organized at a state level and have won many acknowledgements and awards in the field of physics, mathematics, chemistry and history.
In 1979 he enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje and he finishes it with a maximum score as the best student of the generation in 1983.

Working experience
His first employment was in the largest Macedonian pharmaceutical company “Alkaloid”-Skopje in 1983, so in that time he gains a solid knowledge of the manufacture of drugs. Due to family commitments he leaves the Company in 1985.
From 1985 he was employed in the Medical Center in Shtip where he worked as a Head of the work unit Pharmacies. He remains on this position for almost a decade. At the same time he is an associate professor in the Medical High School “Jane Sandanski” and an associate at Radio Shtip with his own radio shows. This period is very fruitful in terms of professional results, as well as from the aspect of the production of over 350 television shows in the field of pharmacology and medicinal plants. These shows have played a major role in the education of the people for the positive effects and the way of using the medical herbs.
In 2001 was appointed director of the Bureau for drugs of Republic of Macedonia and remains as a director until 2003, from where he leaves his position at his own request and returns to his job at the Medical center in Shtip. In the period from 2001-2003, as a director of the Bureau for drugs, he makes reforms which enabled the supply of medicines and medical devices for the people at any time and in sufficient quantities.
In 2005 he became president of the Council of the Municipality of Shtip. He remains on this position for two years where he successfully manages to run the Council and makes important decisions on urban and local-economic development of the Municipality of Shtip.
In 2006 for the second time he is appointed for a director of the Bureau for drugs and today he still is on this position. From 2006 to 2013 are years of great reforms in the Macedonian pharmacy, because, thanks to prim.MA Ilcho Zahariev was created order in the pharmacy that received major acclaims from many European institutions, including the European Medicines Agency. With the style of work, the Bureau for drugs brought the works into perfection, and the citizens can feel the benefit from this to this day.


In 2013 on the local elections he was elected as a Mayor of Municipality Shtip.




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