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Municipal Crisis Headquarters meeting
Monday, 16 September 2019 14:11

Состанок на Општински кризен штаб Штип

Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski as a commander of the Municipal Headquarters for protection and rescue held a meeting with the members of this headquarters for activating the municipal plan for protection of floods, mobilization of the TPPE as well as spatial universal community for protection and rescue, activating the public enterprises Isar and Stipion on their operational plans for protection from floods and mobilization of spatial units for protection and rescue.



„Today we begin with stimulation of a demonstration exercise or coordination action between the Municipal forces for rescue and protection together with the regional and national rescue and protection forces.


In the following days we will have a simulation of an exercise in order to prevent problems that would become as a potential natural disaster,” said Mayor Bochvarski.


This demonstration exercise will Sostanok-01take place in the following days at the Military Barrack “Jane Sandanski” in Shtip. On Wednesday the 18th of September there will be an exercise of showing the preparedness and on Thursday 19th of September will be the main event where we will see the preparedness of the municipal and state forces in the Military Barrack “Jane Sandanski” Shtip.


The Municipal Headquarters for protection and rescue has about 150 people on field.


For cleaning the embankments are engaged 7 excavators, 5 trucks-dumpers, 1 loaders and 13 people for cleaning. To prepare sand dams there are 2 loaders, 2 trucks, 30 workers and sandbags.






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