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Advertisement for Municipal benefit work
Wednesday, 21 August 2019 15:33


Municipality of Shtip received the project “Responsible Municipality that takes care for the needs of the citizens”, according to the Program “Municipal Benefit work” – as a part of the Operational plan for services and active programs and measures for employment of the Government of Republic of North Macednia for 2019 in the part of the financial support of the Operational plan by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

540.000 MKD were approved for the realized project activities.

All unemployed persons have the right to participate in the Program “Municipal benefit work” under the Project “Responsible municipality that takes care for the needs of the citizens”, with priority being given to persons who apply for the program for the first time.

The registered unemployed persons who will apply to participate in the Program Municipal Benefit service will refer to the following target groups of unemployed persons:


- Roma people-beneficiaries of guaranteed minimum assistance (GMP) and

- People with disabilities


The candidates who will be selected in the Program Municipal Benefit work will be paid a remuneration of 9.000 MKD per month for 20 (twenty) hours per week for a period of 6 (six) months for the purpose of obtaining skills and gradual entry into the labour market, including personal income tax and disability and injuries insurance due to work injury and occupational illness.  

The working positions that are covered by this job advertisement are related to:


- Provider of services to elderly people, persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities at home and outside of the home, 6 executives, with at least primary education, duration of the working engagement-6 months; 

- Supporting the expert services of the schools for connecting with families and inclusion of Roma children in the educational process, 2 executives with at least primary education and duration of the work engagement – 6 months;

- Supporters of the Patronage services and providing services to the Roma families for health education, 2 executives with at least primary education and duration of the working engagement-6 months;


Interested unemployed persons can submit Applications for participation in the Program “”Municipal-Benefit work” at the Employment Agency – Employment Center- Shtip in the period from 21.08.2019 to 30.08.2019  from 08:00 to 14:00.


At the same time Municipality of Shtip announces an advertisement for users-Old people and people with disabilities as users of the home services.   

The persons will receive the following types of services:

-  Help and support in daily activities;

-  Maintenance of the home

- Accompanying and assistance during cultural events, walks and excursions;


Required documents:


- Application for participating in the program Municipal Benefit work, OKR-SDC 2019 ;

- Medical documentation, disability document decision, finding and opinion- photocopy



        The interested persons submit the completed application and necessary documents in the Archive of Municipality Shtip.


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