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Realization of the project Dam on the river Otinja
Saturday, 06 July 2019 19:14

Brana-Otinja-01Денес испишуваме историја за Штип!

Today we are writing history for Shtip! Today we solemnly put into operation the highway Shtip-Miladinovci, which is directly connected with whole of Europe.

But, today we are also opening a new road for realization of one of the most significant capital projects for Shtip. The project for a dam on the river Otinja will be realized thanks to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, led by the Prime Minister Zaev.


This project is very important. It is about the multi-decade dream of all the citizens of Shtip. More than 35 years ago the construction of a dam on the river Otinja was a desire and need of the city.

The current Basic project was started by the Municipality of Shtip in 2003, but the trail of every wish and will for the realization was lost sometime in 2009. We even heard in the past from certain structures there were incentives for this dam to be erased from GUP of Shtip. Основен проект е започнат од Општина Штип во 2003 година, но се губи трага на секоја

After all, when I first entered in this building as a Mayor of Municipality Shtip, the project for this dam was gone. We could not find it anywhere. In fact, it was not even finished, only one part of it was made. In the past year and a half, as far as I am here as a Mayor, I invested a lot of effort and energy for this capital and strategically important project for Shtip to move from a zero point. Today, the project has been completed and innovated by the Faculty of Construction in Skopje, with a positive revision from GIM.

The complete technical documentation for this dam consists of three parts:

  1. Basic project, finished with revision and investment by the Municipality of Shtip;
  2. Study for protection of the environment which is in its final phase, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy;
  3. Completion of the Detailed Urban Plan for a dam on the river Otinja, which is in a final phase.

With all these documentations, soon we will get a building permit to build a dam on the river Otinja and create all the preconditions for starting the construction.

Dear citizens,



So far we have had only promises, desires but sometimes also objective obstacles and obstructions for the realization of this project.

Well the day when we put an official sealed confirmation of the definitive realization of this project has come.

Today we confirm: our word is valid-there will be a dam on the river of Otinja!

This dam is especially significant for the growth and development of Shtip. This dam will make an attractive tourist spot from Shtip, but will also create an important area for sports and recreation of the population, because the street that passes through the dam will connect both sports locations, Suitlak and the playground in Block 2000.

This dam will protect the city from flooding, reduce high summer temperatures, but also will increase the winter temperatures, create a biological minimum in the river bed of Otinja, will be used for watering the green areas and many other benefits. In the second phase, immediately after the construction, we will develop the possibility for this facility to produce electricity, and thus to become self-sustaining. I am waiting for a confirmation from GIM for this)

I expect that this dam will be one of the most development components of Shtip in the coming years.

Dear President of the Government, in the name of all the citizens of Municipality of Shtip, thank you, thank you for listening, because you are supporting the most important project for my city. The citizens of Shtip will know how to appreciate this move of this political set!

I would like to thank the former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy, Ljupcho Nikolovski, but also to the current Minister Trajan Dimkovski for their dedication for the project dam Otinja.

Dear citizens,

We are all here, continuing to work diligently and dedicated to the realization of this common dream.

We move forward towards greater successes and improvement of the everyday life and quality of life in the city.




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