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Open call for tender on reconstruction of streets in the settlement Karaorman
Tuesday, 25 June 2019 14:40

Распишан тендер за реконструкција на улици во населба Караорман

Through the Agency for Financial support in Agriculture and rural development, Municipality of Shtip received a financial support in the amount of 55.000 euros intended for infrastructure in the rural areas.


These money will be used for the reconstruction of few streets in the settlement Karaorman with a completely new asphalt infrastructure.

The streets are 1220 meters or 3700 square meters of which 1000 meters or 3200 square meters will be reconstructed with the money from the Agency of financial support in the agriculture and rural development, and the other 220 meters or 500 square meters will be reconstructed with money from the Municipality of Shtip.

„We have applied for funds from the Agency of support in agriculture and rural development and we have already received an approval for financial support of about 55.000 euros, funds for building streets that already have a project.

The rest of the funds will be invested by the Municipality of Shtip and therefore I can say that around 80.000 euros is the project value of the streets that will be invested in the settlement Karaorman” said Bochvarski.

Municipality of Shtip has completed the reconstruction of an approach street with behaton tiles a few days ago. The local authority continues to work on solving the essential needs and problems of the citizens.


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