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Solemn academy on the occasion of 24th of May-Day of Slovenian educators St.Cyril and Methodius
Thursday, 23 May 2019 13:55


I have special honor and pleasure to congratulate you the holiday of St.Cyril and Methodius, day of Slovenian educators. This day is also a moment for reminding and referring gratitude to our apostles, educators who gave us the alphabet, and for you as educational workers who continue their work and teach young people which is particularly bright date.


The first Slavic letter (glagolitic) is the original work of Konstantin Filozof, and it is a sublimate of the experience and achievements of other nations, through the principles valid for the already existing graphic systems, which were used for centuries before the appearance of the Slovenian Letter.

The Slavs tried to write their names and their words in Latin and Greek letters before the ceremony. But for some Slavic voices in those letters there were no special characters-letters. It was precisely because of the Moravian mission by Konstantin that a new phonetic letter was created that had signs and letters for every Slavic voice, “says their student Crnorizec Hrabar in his tractate “O pismeneh”.


The new letter, thanks to the exceptional sense of its inventor, faithfully handles Slavonic phonetic features, while at the same time carries a deep seal of Christian Symbols and a significant hallmark of its time.

The struggle of the Holy Apostles, the brothers Cyril and Methodius against the then represented theory and practice of Jewish, Greek and Latin domination, had not only an enlightenment and theological cause, but also a political-cultural struggle and a strong defense against assimilation. At that time, to fight for the right of language and alphabet meant to get your own cultural-historical seal and identity. Therefore we can firmly point out that the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius are spiritual and educated builders, creators who laid the foundations of the tradition that you Educators sacrificing and continuously educate through the generations.

Your successes for which the Municipality of Shtip gives you recognition today are only proof and demonstration of endurance and sacrifice but also for the holiness of your profession. You achieve successes in all fields and you build personalities that will continue the construction of this society.

Your noble profession is unsurpassed. Every day you face new and complex challenges often and injustices. But I also know your unselfish commitment, to educate and educate successful generations; successful citizens who will further build our society. And it is quite the famous saying of human rights activist Nelson Mendela: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”. You, my dear enlighteners, do it daily.


So as a Mayor of this city let me bow in front of you to express my great appreciation and respect for you and your achievements in the educational process.




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