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Work meeting of the Mayor Blagoj Bochvarski and the Minister of Agriculture, forestry and water economy, Ljupcho Nikolovski
Friday, 12 April 2019 14:55


Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski had a work meeting with the minister of agriculture, forestry and water economy, Ljupcho Nikolovski.

On the meeting was discussed about future projects that the Municipality of Shtip will implement in a partnership with the Government of Republic of North Macedonia.

After the work meeting the Mayor Bochvarski and the Minister had a joint statement for the media.

We have great opportunities for cooperation of Municipality of Shtip with the Ministry of agriculture, not only in the field of agriculture that is their primary work and domain of functioning, but the Municipality of Shtip mostly sees the cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture in the part of design and construction of the dam on the river Otinja.

We have positive signals for obtaining funds from the Paying Agency which is also in their own inequities for the construction of streets in the settlement Karaorman and we are expecting to see what will be the outcome for obtaining a part of the funds for construction of the local road to the village Pochivalo”, says the statement from the Mayor Bochvarski.

The Ministry of agriculture, through the program for rural development approved a project for building streets in the settlement Karaorman in the amount of 4.600.000 MKD and additionally in a final processing is the request for construction of a road to the village Pochivalo, a part of the standards for roads up to 5 kilometers waits for the approval of this project.

The amount of the support of programs for rural development will be 20 million MKD, and the overall realization of the Municipality together with the Ministry will be 33 million MKD,” added Minister Nikolovski.

The project for upgrading a filter station in Shtip is a very significant project, because the municipality has limited water capacities an water supply facilities from the well.

This is why it is very important that the first funds will be allocated for the upgrade of the filter station, which will enable the Municipality of Shtip to take over the water from the hydro system “Zletovica”.



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