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Meeting with the Mayor of Municipality Prilep
Thursday, 06 December 2018 15:39

Gradonacalnik-Prilep-01Today the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski had a meeting with the Mayor of Municipality Prilep, Ilija Jovanovski and representatives of the company “Vitaminka” which invests in the Municipality of Shtip. At this meeting was discussed about the joint activities that are priorities of both municipalities, Shtip and Prilep. 

Today here at the Municipality of Shtip we have the first meeting of this kind with the Mayor of Municipality Prilep. As he announced this is a first meeting of this kind but this is not our first contact because we communicate a lot within ZELS as we coordinated, we think together and solve problems together. Our two municipalities generally face the same or similar problems.

The Municipality of Shtip and Gradonacalnik-Prilep-02the Municipality of Prilep in this moment are in a phase of gasification of our municipalities which will solve pollution and save money to the business sector and citizens.

In future we will also have a meeting in the Municipality of Prilep so that we can jointly solve the problems of our two municipalities,” said Bochvarski.

After the meeting, the Mayors and representatives from “Vitaminka” visited the factory “Brilijant” owned by “Vitaminka”.

During the visit the attendees were introduced to the work of this factory and the future steps of the same.



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