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An insight into concreting parts of streets near the place Shardavan Bashi
Wednesday, 05 December 2018 13:50


Today the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski together with the Director of PE “Stipion 2011”, Sashko Protogerov inspected the construction activities at the place called Shardavan Bashi. At the request of the citizens, a new water supply line in the length of 120 meters and sewerage system with 94 meters in the worth of 311.375 MKD and in a final phase is the concreting of the parts of these streets with a length of about 200 meters that PE “Stipion 2011” will cost about 803.000 MKD.

Today together with Ulica-mvShardavanBashi-02the director of PE “Stipion 2011” we came here to inspect the almost finished street in the locality of the locality Shardavan Bashi. Here I must point out that in the pre-election period I had a visit to the citizens in this part of the city where I saw that they live in very difficult conditions, I received a request to make this street and reconstruct the water supply system, that is to build sewerage system in this part.

These people live in difficult conditions and our role as a local government is to meet the requests from the citizens.

So here we have already built a new water supplying and sewerage line in the amount of about 311.000 MKD. Immediately afterwards we built this access road to these houses, worth 803.000 MKD,“ said Mayor Bochvarski.

Municipality of Shtip in the following period will work on the new budget for 2018 where all citizens can get involved with their suggestions and ideas. 



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