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International day of persons with disabilities – 3rd of December
Monday, 03 December 2018 14:57


Today the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski together with representatives from the Municipality of Shtip visited several events organized by several instittions in the city, on the occasion of December 3rd – International day of persons with disabilities. In the Primary School “Vancho Prke” was organized a sales exibiion from the Active of special departments, then a performance was held in the Daily center for children with special needs in Novo Selo, in the State High School “Iskra” was held a performance of the children who stay there and the Mayor Bocvharski was granted a certificate of gratitude.

Mayor Bochvarski visited the Daily center for children with autism in the settlement Prebeg and the Association “Poraka” where he had addressing.

On the occasion LicaSoPoprecenost-02of the 3rd of December – Day of persons with disabilities today I am visiting the Primary School “Vancho Prke” together with representatives of the Municipality of Shtip and the Director of the Primary School “Vancho Prke”, this day is very important for all of us because today we need to remember all these people and see where they learn and get educated. Let’s all contribute in decreasing the differences that these persons have among the citizens in society”,said Mayor Bochvarski.

The Municipality of Shtip together with the experts provides support and contribution to the improvement of this issue. The Municipality of Shtip also looks ahead with its competencies for building infrastructure that means a lot for these people. The Mayor of the Municipality of Shtip, Blagoj Bocvharski thanked all the socially responsible stakeholders who often through donations are assisting institutions working with people with disabilities.



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