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A summary for one year’s local government of the Mayor Blagoj Bochvarski
Tuesday, 06 November 2018 13:24


Yesterday the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski in front of the Hall of the Council of Municipality Shtip presented the project summary and developments in the past one year of local government. Bochvarski together with the President of the Council of Municipality Shtip, Jane Milanov and the secretary of Municipality of Shtip, Sonja Kitanova presented the started capital investments in the Municipality of Shtip and all events and activities held in this period.


One year has passed since you entrusted me with the honor and responsibility to be a Mayor of Municipality Shtip. You made me proud that you put me in a position to accomplish and share with you everyday achievements of our city, but also plans to carry our community towards progress and prosperity, “said Mayor Bochvarski at the beginning of his presentation.


As one of the first problems that Mayor Blagoj Bochvarski faced in November 2017 when he took over the function was the empty municipal cash as well as a problem with paying salaries to the employees.


Now, after a year in the Municipality of Shtip we are investing over 2,6 million euros in infrastructural projects that ensure the long-term growth and development of the city.


Mayor Bochvarski informed the public that the Municipality of Shtip and the public enterprises invest in a quality infrastructure. In just one year in Shtip, 2440 meters of streets and 1000 meters of local road were built, 1070 meters of streets were reconstructed and 4000 square meters of infrastructure for pedestrians, 1400 meters composed streets and access roads were built. Construction of new and reconstruction of existing water lines with a length of 2929 meters and sewerage network with a length of 1624 meters were performed.


Together with the public enterprisesRezime-1GodinaBocvarski02 we are working on a quality and thorough arrangement of both the surface part and the part that is located under the streets and which is dilapidated due to the neglect of the past authorities,” added Bochvarski.


In the Municipality of Shtip construction of a children’s kinder garden is started in the settlement Senjak, a capital project of great importance for the citizens. This project costs 800.000 euros and will solve the problem of accommodation for 200 children.


In the central city area a parking platform was built which partially resolves the traffic chaos, which is a problem for the residents of Municipality Shtip. The new platform will cost about 10 million MKD.


One of the important promises of Bochvarski is the gasification of the Municipality of Shtip and building a river dam on Otinja.


The most favorable economic operator is elected and it will be “Prostor” from Kumanovo, a company that will provide a preliminary and basic project for a 20 kilometer gasification network. As a Mayor of Municipality Shtip I have held many meetings with the businessmen on the territory of Municipality of Shtip to see the interest of the citizens for joining the network. The Municipality of Shtip works in parallel with the institutions in the city that should be included in the pipeline gasification”, said Bochvarski in front of the present people.


Bochvarski added that in this moment they are working on the basic dam project on the river of Otinja, and parallel to this they are working on the revision of the basic project for the dam of the river Otinja. The tender is finished and they are working on an environmental study.


In this past period we are intensively working on the realization of what we promised. Today we summarized everything that we did together in the past year. All this was possible because of your support and help. We are continuing all along,” said Bochvarski in his speech.  



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