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Drilling and construction of two wells in the locality of Shtipsko ezero
Monday, 05 November 2018 13:15

Bunari-StipskoEzero-01Today the Mayor of Municipality of Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski together with the Director of PE “Isar” inspected the work of the two new wells in the site Shtipsko Ezero. This is an investment of PE “Isar” in the expansion of the water supply system and building wells with a total investment of 2.771.453,00 MKD.

Today we are in the locality Shtipsko ezero, where together with the director of PE “Isar” we are putting into operation two new wells. Few months ago this investment from PE “Isar” began in this locality with drilling and construction of two new wells which will improve the water supplying of municipality Shtip and water supplying our citizens.

These wells will give additional 35 liters Bunari-StipskoEzero-02of water per second which means that at the same time we are approaching the settlement Balkanska, or this means that the first phase of water supplying in the settlement Balkanska is finished and the inhabitants of this part of the city will begin to join this water supplying line in the next phase.

This investment is over 2,7 million MKD, which represents a serious investment,“ says the statement by the Mayor Bochvarski.

This investment is due to the large savings in PE “Isar”. As for comparison from 2017 and 2018, PE “Isar” has savings of around 200.000 euros on the basis of oil, spare parts and other expenses that the public enterprise made in the previous period. In the following period we are continuing with the completion of all elements that are needed for our filter station to take over and the water from HS “Zletovica”. This solves one of the most important issues for the coming years, which is the water supply for the Municipality of Shtip.



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