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Event „Future of Europe Reload“ in Portugal
Friday, 12 October 2018 12:59

FutureOfEuropeReload-01In the past days, a delegation from the Municipality of Shtip, led by the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski, visited Setubal Portugal within the project „Future od Europe Reload“. Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski had his greeting addressing in front of the present of the event. 


In the past months we have worked hard for our city and for our state to make decent places for living. More than 2,6 million euros are directed to infrastructure projects in Shtip.


We are on the road to valuableFutureOfEuropeReload-02 promotions and advancements, whereby Shtip is finally experiencing the development that deserves. But we want more; we want to keep moving in the same direction and with intensity towards achieving our common goal: a higher standard of living, better life for us, better tomorrow for our generations to come. And that is possible for us only with the membership in the European Union.

The total annual EU aid for Macedonia is 90 million euros or 260,000 euros per day. Of these, Shtip can use enough funds to become one of the most desirable places to live in the region. Municipality of Shtip today is on a high agenda of the European Events. All the visits by foreign ambassadors and state representatives are our additional motive to continue to work with more developed European countries for important projects that will be benefit to the citizens.


FutureOfEuropeReload-03In the past period Municipality of Shtip in cooperation with several countries has applied for several necessary projects. In 2018 the Municipality of shtip has applied for a project through the IPA Program for cross-border region together with the Municipality of Goce Delchev i.e. the kindergarten “Sonce” for joint actions for a green future. In 2018 also, through the IPA Program for cross-border cooperation of Municipality of Shtip and the Directorate for fire Protection from Sofia have applied for a joint project. Since this year, Municipality of Shtip is a partner to Municipality of Aksakovo in the realization of the project “Future of Europe”, which will be realized from April 2018 to May 2020”, said Bochvarski in his addressing.


This event was organized by the Mayor of Setubal, Maria das Dores Meira, and present were Mayors from other countries-members of the European Union: Aksakovo (Bulgaria), Ozarow Mazowiecki (Poland ), Nughedu Santa Vittoria (Italy), Victoria (Romania) and Monserrat (Spain).


Municipality of Shtip was a host of the Mayors of these six countries-members of the European Union as a part of this project in June this year. The cooperation continues in future with other such events.





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