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The thirty third edition of Makfest is finished
Monday, 08 October 2018 14:24


This weekend was held the thirty third edition of the most renowned festival of music “Makfest”.


Thursday and Friday, the two semifinal nights had 16 performers who performed in front of the hall in the Center for Culture “Aco Shopov”. The final night was held on Saturday featuring 20 performers who were able to place themselves in the finals after participating in the two semifinal nights.


The award for the best debutant on the festival “Dushan Ljubisavljevikj-Dule” went to the young Mina Blazhev with the song “In other souls” (Vo drugi dushi).


The third award went to Dani Dimitrovska with the song “Time” (Vreme).


The second award went to the famous songwriter and vocalist, Robert Bilbilov, who sang the song “Strange Places” (Chudni mesta).


The winner of this year’s Makfest is Antonija Gigovska, who performed with the song “Never say never” (Nikogash ne veli nikogash).


The artistic director Vladimir DojchinovskiMakfest-2018-02 is pleased with the course of the festival, which approached to the most successful editions in the past 33 years. Local government representatives also assisted and helped the festival to be successful.


To my great pleasure, and for the pleasure of the citizens of Municipality of Shtip for the thirty third time this year we are organizing the festival of music Makfest, the best festival in the Republic of Macedonia.


I must say that Makfest is an avant-garde of the Macedonian music scene, a festival that means a lot, a festival that gives many songs which become hits and these songs are still currently listened.


I believe that this year Makfest will give many hits, it will be with great music quality and I believe that there will be many songs that will be remembered in the coming period and in the years to come,“ said Blagoj Bochvarski, Mayor of Municipality Shtip


The winners were awarded with prizes: the first awarded received 5.000, 4.000 and 3.000 euros, as well as awards in the amount of 500 euros went to the songs with the best text, arrangement, debutant and best stage performance.





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