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Marking Ilinden
Thursday, 02 August 2018 11:07


Today the Municipality of Shtip marks Ilinden with laying flowers for:

 -      the monument in the Alley of National Heroes“;

 -      Memorial monument of Goce Delchev in Novo Selo;

 -      Monument of fighters in the village of Dolani;

-      Monument of fighters in the village of Dragoevo .

Ilinden is the crown of the Macedonian identity and continuity, a key for the future and sovereignty of our country.

The courage and determination of the rebels in 1903 is composed of pride for the being on the right side of history, as well as the pride of fighting for social rights within a sovereign state.

The success of the ASNOM members in 1944 with the convening of ASNOM and the national liberation of Macedonia is fulfilling our soul with joy because of the birth of a new bright and free Macedonian state.

Today we are celebratingIlinden-02 those successes, but we are obliged to pay tribute to those whose victims have made these achievements possible.

Here in Dolani, because of the participation in the national liberation struggle, without evidence and trial, only for satisfying the anger, the Bulgarian fascists brutally murdered Stanoe Danev, delegate of ASNOM, his younger brother Metodi Danev, Risto Stojkov and Krsto Mitev. The brightest period in the history of the Macedonian people would not have happene d without the courage and sacrifice of our fellow citizens to whom we are immensely grateful.


The endless efforts and thirst for freedom of the Macedonian people were realized.

Today we live free in a sovereign and independent state. The struggle of our generation is the realization of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. That fight remains at the top of our priorities; Macedonia is positioned to become a part of NATO and the European Union.

It is our duty to find ways to overcome the challenges. Our priority is to prove our initiative and intention to promote dialogue, good neighborly relations and regional development. That is why we will continue to realize the set strategic goals, honestly and always for the benefit of the people.

Ilinden-03The foundations of Macedonia were laid on Ilinden. In the past decades, we have built the state, and today it is our obligation to develop and preserve it within large and influential families thus ensuring its stability, progress and wholeness forever.


That’s why we need unity like never before. Let’s leave the differences behind us, let’s be united about the progress, let’s give our hand to do even better, to stand under the flag of a free, sovereign and prosperous Macedonia, integrated and factored. The responsibility for the development of Macedonia is greater than any differences. In the spirit of fighting of our ancestors from Ilinden Uprising and ASNOM, we need to overcome the differences and to fight for a better tomorrow,”said the President of the Council of Municipality Shtip, Milanov.



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