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Construction activities in the settlement “Senjak” at the facility Luna Komerc
Thursday, 26 July 2018 12:39

SenjakLunaKomerc-01Today the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski made an insight in the construction activities in UE 36 in the settlement “Senjak” at the facility Luna Komerc. After the buffering we will begin with asphalting of these streets with a total area of 2800m2. The contractor of this investment is the economic operator VE-GRUPA DOOEL, and the investment will cost 4.869.816,00 MKD with VAT included. 

Besides the buffering and asphalting PE “Isar” works on placing water supplying network in the length of 110 meters with a total investment of 583.000 MKD. This water supplying line will enable water supply in the complex Grin Garden.

Today we are here SenjakLunaKomerc-02in the settlement “Senjak” where in this period are performed constructional works in the part of building new streets near the facility “Luna Komerc”. This part of the city is very important and is the largest settlement in the Municipality of Shtip so this is why we have to have a true treatment and real development for this part of the city. It is about three new streets that have a length of 455 meters and their price is about 4.900.000 MKD. Parallel to this we are working on construction of a new water supplying line in the length of 110 meters which will cost about 580.000 MKD,“ said the Mayor Bochvarski градоначалникот.



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