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Ten active exercise areas set up
Thursday, 05 July 2018 12:34

Aktivni zoni-01Today the Mayor of Municipality Shtip, Blagoj Bochvarski, has made an insight into the realization of the project for setting up ten active training zones. The Mayor Bochvarski made an insight in the placed active exercise zone in the urban area Avtokomanda, near the ping-pong hall. One of the priority goals of the new local government is creating conditions for acquiring and preserving healthy habits among the citizens through practicing sports and recreational activities. 

Today we are promoting a new project implemented by the Municipality of Shtip in order to increase sport activities among youth. We are placing ten active zones for sports in the Municipality of Shtip through which we will motivate young people to do sports, adults to recreate themselves, and children to have fun. We have ten locations chosen by the Municipality of Shtip where such devices will be installed. Aktivni zoni-02The devices will be available for the citizens 24/7 and will be placed in several urban communities in the city:

-      Settlement Levaci, next to the sports field;

-     Settlement Shirok Dol, in the framework of the existing sports fields;

-     Novo Selo;

-     Star Karaorman;

-     Settlement Duzlak, in the framework of the existing sports fields;

-     Settlement Senjak 3;

-     Park next to the police;

-     Settlement Babi, in the park next to the Primary School “Slavejko Arsov”;

-     Settlement Osmi Noemvri, at the beginning of the settlement, next to the river Bregalnica;

-     Tri Cheshmi.

Aktivni zoni-03These are the ten zones mounted today, and this equipment will be place into function of the citizens,” said Mayor Bochvarski.

The active zones will be active 24 hours and will be available for use by all categories that have a recreational and sports activities. The construction is mounting disassembly. It is composed of six different fines, arranged on concrete foundations.

This urban equipment is placed exclusively for the purpose of public interest determined by law. The project costs 3.000.000 MKD, funds allocated from the budget of the Municipality of Shtip.

We are creating capital projects through which we introduce the spirit of youth, sports and recreation in Shtip. We provide conditions for a healthy life for all: young people, children and adults. This project connects nature, sports and recreation in one place. We invest in creating better conditions for sport activities and maintaining healthy habits of the residents in the mentioned settlements.



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