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Construction of two new drilled wells
Wednesday, 04 July 2018 15:23


Today the Mayor of Shtip had an insight of the two new exploitation drilled wells in the locality of Shtip Lake in order to provide an additional amount of raw water. 

It is an investment of PE “ISar” in the amount of 415.000 MKD that will increase the capacity of the water supply for about 30 liters of water per second, which means significantly will improve the possibilities of the Municipality of Shtip and the public water supply Bunari-02company to supply water to our citizens. This is of exceptional significance since we are citizens and that the management structures must take care for the healthy and safe water supplying in the following period, keeping in mind that climate changes happen. These wells will be drilled for the first time after 2012 which shows that the local government led by SDSM is taking care for the needs of the citizens” said Bochvarski.

This is a significant investment in the spirit of responsible work that is in favor of the citizens, since it shows that we are offering a concrete, long-term solution for the citizens.

Bunari-03Additionally, in this part of the city were constructed two infrastructure facilities, which are the walking trail and the roundabout. Althought these are infrastructural objects that have direct impact on the water supply system they received a construction permit but an Elaborate which will have the limits and boundaries of the protection zones –exploitation wells in the Municipality of Shtip was not prepared.

This mistake will be corrected and an Elaborate is already prepared, and for its preparation PE “Isar” allocated funds in the amount of 354,000 MKD.

Based on the first segment of this Elaborate, related to the roundabout, it is proposed that three of the existing wells should be placed outside of use.

Based on the second segment of the Elaborate, and in relation to the trail are proposed two options:

1.    the route that runs close to the wells and within the first protection zone of the well areas Fortuna and Shtip Lake in future needs to be placed out of use.

2.    the wells located near the trail, or less than ten meters from it, have to be dislocated (first protective zone, where there must be no access) and the trail has to remain in function.

The Council of Municipality Shtip will decide on how it will proceed in relation to the recommendations recommended by the Elaborate.

In any case, the Municipality of Shtip and PE “Isar” are prepared to invest in additional watter supply sources of the city, because they will not allow for the citizens of Shtip to remain without water.




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