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The ring road is being built intensively – the Mayor Zahariev visited the site
Friday, 30 June 2017 10:13

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The things are being intensified for the construction of the bridge on Bregalnica, which is a part of the planned ring road that needs to go from the boulevard “Goce Delchev” on the crossroad near the settlement Prebeg, until the street “Boris Krajger”.


- the investment is about obikolnica 2700 thousand euros, funds fully provided by the Municipality of Shtip. The contractor is “Aktiva” and works intensively. The things are moving very fast, we are hoping that in a month we will set up the bridge on the river Bregalnica. The traffic will be about 7 meters wide, two lanes 3,5 meters and there will be a pavement of 1.5 meters – said Ilcho Zahariev, Mayor of Municipality Shtip.

At this moment the route is being compacted, and there will be minor changes on the street that comes to the site of construction, which will be expanded according to the standards.

Already in the second phase on the crossroad of the boulevard “Goce Delchev”, at Prebeg, we will build a roundabout, and we are also planning to extend the street “Veljko Vlahovikj which will lead until the spa “Kezhovica” in Novo Selo.

obikolnica 3- With this over 25 thousand residents living in the settlements Senjak, Prebeg, Avtokomanda,Babi as well as in all the industrial capacities will receive shortening of their driving. The building of the bridge will not burden the traffic in the settlement Osmi noemvri and Kamen most on the river Bregalnica , on the contrary it will make the maximum possible traffic relief, saving time, so this means that this is a strong component of our city – said the Mayor Zahariev.

The traffic ring roads are an established urban practice in the big European cities, and this ring road is the first one in the city.

- This is a very important project, obikolnica 4we are making a ring road in our city. The dilution in the central city area, the improvement of communication and above all, giving the opportunity of industrial capacities to have an easier approach, means a lot for our city – said Zahariev.

At the moment, there are only two traffic bridges on the river Bregalnica, and Shtip as a university and business center in the East, has bigger problems with the traffic so it is expected that this solution will contribute to ease the traffic load at the entrance to the city. For the construction of residential complexes, and besides the road the municipality will build several car parks in the industrial zone.

Bearing in mind that the new road will pass through the route that runs through car parks in this economic part of the city, parallel to the ring road, a new large parking space will be constructed, which will be a replacement for the present, which will be met by the subjects from this part of the city, including a slight shift to the position of the road for a safer entrance to some of the factories.



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