Home Events The implementation of the project for roundabout “Bargala-Senjak” soon will begin as well as the building of a new bridge on the river Bregalnica
The implementation of the project for roundabout “Bargala-Senjak” soon will begin as well as the building of a new bridge on the river Bregalnica
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 13:43


On the 9th of March 2017 ends the tender for the project for the so-called roundabout “Bargala-Senjak” and construction of a new bridge over the river Bregalnica.

Municipality of Shtip enters in the final phase of preparation of the project for implementation and construction of a new bridge on the river Bregalnica. The bridge and the approach streets to it will connect two parts of the city, industrial and lower part of the Senjak settlement thus facilitation of traffic but a kind of smaller roundabout of the city. This solution imposed itself due to overload on the main thoroughfare, the boulevard “Goce Delchev” especially in the mornings or afternoons.  

Because of the shift operation and the large number of companies for apparel located in the industrial part of the city, it is convenient for the traffic to be difficult after 3 pm due to transport of workers in the buses and this takes at least half an hour to become normal. This is one of the main reasons for the local authorities to approach the realization of the idea of doing a kind of road that would avoid traffic jams.


The name of the project is “Building a connection between the streets “Goce Delchev” and “Partizanska” and responsible subject for the implementation of the same is PE “Stipion 2011” and the Municipality of Shtip. Unofficially it is called “Roundabout Bargala-Senjak”.

According to the technical parameters, the bridge will be with a length of 56 meters, wide as the road 7 meters, there will be walking part on both sides, each with a length of 1,5 meters and edges and gutters 1 meter wide. The intersection with the street “Partizanska” is solved with a separate project.

As fixed points while pulling the shaft of the street were taken the beginning and the end of the street and the crossing with the street “Dr.Slobodan Jovanovski”, and projected were also 4 turns. One fix point is under the factory “Bargala” which is the last building on the end of the street from which should continue the new road, which on one side will be the bridge and on the second side will be going out and connected to the street “Partizanska”.

The main pillars that will be placed on both sides of the river will be with a height of 8 meters from a meter that will be in the ground. The maximum water level of the river Bregalnica, amid flooding or high water level, free level between the bridge and the water would be more than 3.5 meters. The bridge will have 15 pendants that will be circuit or connection between the flanks of the bridge and the semicircular arch over it, in order to have stability.

Envisaged was a mounting fence of metal profiles along the bridge on both sides. Reclamation is provided by standard drainage gutters in the lowest part (left side) of the bridge placed every 10 meters. Reinforced concrete bridge surfaces are protected by waterproofing the entire length of the bridge and the contact between the final pillars and foundations in the ground.

According to the calculations the performance of the two feet of the roads, each in 200 meters and a metal construction was estimated about one million euros.

The whole project is entered into its final phase, a construction approval was published, ongoing is the tender act after what follows implementation. The funds are an investment from the Municipality of Shtip and after finishing of the activities we are expecting for the project to be finished in 6 months.



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