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Shtip is the first municipality in the East and tenth in Macedonia on transparency
Wednesday, 11 January 2017 12:26

transparentnost1The Center for citizen communications from Skopje has published the index of active transparency for 2016. 97 institutions are researched, in the biggest part the local self-governments but also resource Ministries. The general assessment is that the Municipalities have a better active transparency in regard of Ministries, and the first 18 places are the local self-governments and the first Ministry is on the 19th place (Ministry of local self government). 

Municipality of Shtip on the general scale transparentnost2of 97 institutions shares the 10th place with the Municipality of Center and enters the group of municipalities with a good and active transparency. Shtip has 71.1% result in regard of transparency. The first place went to Municipality of Kriva Palanka, then follow Veles, Bitola and Strumica.

As to the regions, out of eight, the East region is on the middle, on the 4th place with 45.2% result, and the Northeast has 54.5%.

On the rank list in the east region, out of 11 municipalities, Shtip is on the first place, then follow Probishtip, Berovo, Delchevo, Kochani, Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, Makedonska Kamenica, Vinica, Pehchevo, Zrnovci and the last with a result of 9,0% is the Municipality of Karbinci.

The research was done on the basis of data that municipalities and ministries have the web pages but also respond some of the questionnaires concentrated on few segments and approach to all the information, services and budget and financial transparency.

The center for citizen communications is an NGO founded in 2005 which the Municipality of Shtip along with the “Info-center” collaborated on the drafting of strategies and programs for communications, for which we express our gratitude. The survey was prepared by two former journalists who are now a part of the Center for citizen communication, German Filkov and Sabina Fakikj together with Marko Mitevski.

The appreciation that Shtip has for the past 6 years on the plan of transparency is resulting from greater openness to citizens and the media and the introduced principles of cooperation and contacts with the media and the public. From August 29th until December 31st 2016, it means 7 years and 4 months are published over 1450 electronic bulletin sent over 9,000 text messages to journalists, there are over 250 statements, more than 150 press releases were issued and service information, held over 250 press conference and briefings for reporters, from 2011 to 2016 prepared 2 strategies for communications and 5 annual programs for communication and a completely redesigned internet (web) page of Muncipality Shtip with all the needed informations for services of the local government.

Of course, this level of transparency and this assessment won’t be possible without participation and support of the new colleague journalists from Shtip, the region including the correspondent network which continuously worked for the municipality and thank them for their cooperation.

The report can be downloaded on the following link:



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