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The Mayor of Municipality Shtip Ilcho Zahariev gave a report for the work done
Friday, 13 December 2013 09:58


The Mayor of Municipality Shtip Ilcho Zahariev today at the press-conference gave a report on the work done in the past 6 months, indicating that 140 projects have been completed.

In the part of road infrastructure, with a governmental support and the PE for State roads was made the road to Mantovo, a lake which is located 20 km from Shtip, about 5 km long. The road to Tri Cheshmi to the airport Sushevo, as well the blvd. Goce Delchev and Dimitar Vlahov in the length of 2 kilometers is also finished.

Two prongs towards the village Ljuboten are finished in the length of two kilometers as well as ten streets in the city, including Mihajlo Apostolski, Brakja Miladinovci, the main street towards the Isar, street Kosovska, a large number of small streets in the suburb Tri Cheshmi , in the settlement Babi, in the central city area.

- In the part of education, we have invested a lot with a generous support by the Ministry for Education and science. We have completely reconstructed the school in the settlement Makedonka which is older than 50 years. The children received a modern school, ideal conditions for school, and the teachers received great conditions for the educational process. We created a new school in the village Shashavarlija, and we have invested in the classrooms in the school Slavejko Arsov, as well as in the other schools in the city-said Zahariev.

He stressed out that the settlement Old Karaorman got a new plumbing with water from the city water supplying network. A new sewerage system was built in the village Chardaklija and in the settlement Balkanska as well as reconstructed renewed water systems in few villages like Lakavica and the village Sudik. Zahariev addressed on the constructed sports complex, and underlined that over 10 playgrounds for basketball and football were built. He also pointed out that currently with the Football federation of Macedonia they are working on the stadium located in the settlement Belo Brdo, i.e. in the settlement Levaci, which will be finished in the spring.

- In the rural development all the villages got all those projects they required, in particular in the village Sudik, where was built a water tap and a square. In the village Selce where mixed population lives of Macedonian and Turkish nationality, are made four fountains, a mini square and water for animals-said the Mayor.

Zahariev mentioned that in the central city area are renewed the facades on the almost built buildings. In cooperation with the rector’s office at the University of Goce Delchev, is arranged the road and the area in front of the new rector’s office, a new parking space in front of the rector’s office. A new sports field was also built, and arranged was also the space where Todor Aleksandrov was born and many significant persons in our history, as well as arranging of the street Krste Misirkov.

- I must emphasize that there is no settlement in Shtip where at this point we are not investing. We do not stop even though the program was quite ambitious, we have shown that with devotion, with working and minimal funds we can make a lot more for the citizens of Shtip.

He also pointed out that in the following period we are expecting big projects such as building roads to the village Gorachino, to the village Puvche where the tender procedures are finished, road to Suvo Grlo, renovation of the streets in the village Leskovica, in 2014 will be made new village streets in Chardaklija, new sidewalks and connecting of the water supplying system of few settlements in Shtip.

- We are under construction of a new urban documentation, especially the general urban plan which should bring a new developmental component for Shtip which should bring the realization of new projects.

All those projects should bring a benefit to our city, said Zahariev.


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