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Plachkovica mountain

Near Stip is the mountain Plachkovica. This is an ideal place for development of the mountain tourism. Plachkovica has the highest peak Lisec (1754 meters altitude above sea level), which is a challenge for many climbers. This is the why the city has a mountaineering club Lisec, and the most common road to approach to the mountain goes from Stip. Through the mountaineering home Vrteshka you can reach high position to the monastery Saint Gorgi.

plackovicaThe mountain Plachkovica is forty kilometers from the city of Stip. It belongs to one of the old mountainous mountains. The composition of the field is mostly granite with crystal schist and younger eruptive rocks. The mountain has rich flora and fauna with several species that live only on this mountain.

On the mountain Plachkovica are placed the three wonderful canyons: Kamnik, Kozjak and Zrnovka in which you can find beautiful natural beauties like rivers, waterfalls, passages, high cliffs…

For many the canyon Kamnik with its beauty represents a small Kolorado. To all the canyons is provided a necessary infrastructure for smooth movement (markings, billboards, road signs, cables and resting places).

From the many beauties which the mountain Plachkovica has to offer are also the caves, from which five are tested and available for the visitors. The biggest of them is the Big Cave, with examined length of 600 meters. It represents a real pearl with its cave decorations and a challenge for the speleologists. The caves: Kjup, Ajduchka, Turtel and Ponor are smaller ones, but also rich with cave decorations and are easily available for the visitors and have marked trails which lead to them.


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