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Licenses for doing auto-taxi transport for people

Municipal Service Center - desk number 2

For getting a license it’s needed to be delivered:

Request (made blank form from the municipality) with:

-name, place, parent number, and tax number of the carrier, the bearer of the application, if the bearer is a juridical person;

-name and surname, one-of-a-kind parent number, tax number and address of the carrier, bearer of the application if the bearer is a physical person;

-kind of transport for which is requested publishing a license;

-data for the motor and included vehicles with which the transport will be made and for which is requested a certification of the license;

Towards the request is also subscribed:

  1. Decision from the Central Register, with an activity -49.32 (doing auto taxi transport) not older than 60 days,
  2. A copy from the registration document of the vehicles registered on the name of the company, certified by notary,
  3. Evidence for possession of one or more vehicles or a contract for leasing,
  4. Confirmation of fulfilling of the special technical-exploitation characteristics of the vehicles,
  5. Copy of the blank form M1 and M2 for the employed drivers and a confirmation from the Fund of pension and disablement insurance for the paid contributions, not older than 90 days,
  6. Build-in fiscal taximeter ( document for decision from UJP),
  7. List of the taxi vehicles and drivers,
  8. Evidence for document of not having an effective arbitration for a criminal act against the property, the economy or the security in the public traffic, not older than 60 days,
  9. Copy of the certificate for a professional competence of the administrator ( except for a single merchant),

10.  Evidence for paid 3000 denars on the name of the administrative taxes,

11. Evidence for paid 1 200 denars for using the auto taxi standings.

The duration for bringing the act is 30 das after the reception of the complete documentation.


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