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industry1Stip is known as an industrial area with developed industries. Main characteristic of the economy in the Stip is textile industry that more than half a century successfully exists.Compared to European cities, Stip is a leading, according to the number of employees in the textile industry. This means that private companies are bearers of cluster employment in the Stip’s population. Also important is the establishment of business relations with foreign partners. In Stip exist in over 60 fashion apparel, and among the most important partners are Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain. In the region are working many fashion clothing firms including outstanding profitability and the importance of brands several are noted. Well-established companies and fashion houses: Albatros, Beas-S, Kit–Go Teks, Gracija, Modena, Mavis, Maksima,  Beas-S, Briteks, Stipko, Stip-teks, Longurov, Vivendi, D&A, Amareta, Anateks, Angroteks, EAM, Milano, Vabo, Zogori, Metro Premier, Tekstil Invest-Denim, Tekstil Logistik, Eskada and many others.

With many years of successful existence,industry2 in the Leather - Industrial production in Stip, the leader is a shoe factory Bargala. Not only is the leading in domestic, but 80% of production is intended for import to the European market and above all in Italy. In Stip there are and other shoe factories: Eva-Mar and Oliveti.

Food - processing industry is a significant for the region of Stip. There are facilities for confectionary industry, production of oil, production of soft drinks, processing and preservation of fruits and wineries including the most representative take place: Ezimit Vino and Imako. In the industrial zone of the city of Stip, where there are excellent road and rail communication with the rest of the country is located Brilijant company, leading to the Balkans. Factory with high quality functions in the production of edible oil, dairy products and lamb meat.

Factory of confectionery products Multikrem; factory of candy and chewing gum Evropa and Makpromet; factory for soft drinks Ada and others.

From the internal aspect of local food products, the peak is known Stipska pastrmajlija. As a brand the city it can be found in all Stips’ restaurants. Stip Municipality appears as an organizer and on the traditional event Pastrmajlijada that is held each year on November 8 - the liberation day of Stip, where the hotel facilities such as Oaza, Izgrev or Vago (motel-restaurant and gas station) is filled with guests from home and abroad.

Development of industry plans and through the free industrial zone as an additional incentive for construction of the cargo airport project under the Government of Macedonia, with the expansion and adaptation would re turned into a major airport in the state. The project has been awarded to the Turkish firm TAV, which soon will begin reconstruction of Skopje airport and construction of cargo airport near Stip. Cargo airport is very important for development in Stip as providing air transportation of agricultural production in the region.

Stip in total agricultural area is 31,757 hectares of which 9906 hectares are arable land. Feature and a boon to agriculture in Stip is that in this part of the Ovce pole water flow of Hydro system Bregalnica and most agricultural areas are covered by the irrigation system.


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