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Srgjan Kerim PhD received the order “St.Nikola” from the Mayor of Shtip, Zahariev


At the solemn academy, the Mayor of Shtip, Prim.MA Ilcho Zahariev today in Shtip handed the medal “St.Nikola” to Srgjan Kerim PhD. The order was awarded on the occasion of the Day of the city, 19th of December or the Patron of Shtip, St.Nikola:

- This well know diplomat is the only voice from Shtip that was heard in the United Nations and is a pride for Shtip. I am honored that I have the opportunity to hand the order to him. He was born in Shtip, walked on the streets in Shtip and his father left a big trace as a president of the Conference in that time. I am so glad that he is a great diplomat with a success in life and has not forget about Shtip – said the Mayor Zahariev.

Kerim, after receiving the order “St.Nikola” said thanks to everyone, mentioning that he is always feeling proud to be a citizen of Shtip and comes from this city:

- We are here on this sv-nikola-den-na-gradot-19122013-2great holiday, St.Nikola, which is a patron and protector of this city. It is enough for us to follow their examples and to be honest and to help others. Shtip is not the navel of the world, but it is connected with the world and I am so glad to see that my city is growing and developing. Thank you for honoring me to receive this order “St.Nikola”, believe me it is an honor to me to wear it on my chest, because I can share my excitement with all of you.

sv-nikola-den-na-gradot-19122013-3Apart the order, the acknowledgements “19th of December” were given to five more citizens of Shtip: Zhikica Ivanovski, Mihail Vasilev, Petre Churlinovski and posthumously to the professor Kocka Dimitrova and Hristo Krstevski. The president of the Council, Dr.Vlatko Mitashev held this solemn academy that had known citizens from Shtip among the Bishop Ilarion who is in competence of the Diocese of Bregalnica. He previously along with the Mayor of Shtip, at the city square divided the holiday cookie and held a festive sermon:

- As St.Nikola shared his fortune sv-nikola-den-na-gradot-19122013-4to the poor people, the hungry ones, with those who do not have money I wish that we do the same. These are hard times, when evil deception wants to harm us as a nation and as a country we have to be together to endure centuries of our homes. This is one of the primary missions of our Holy Church – said the Bishop Ilarion.

Zahariev also expressed a similar attitude:

- Thanks to our Holy Macedonian Orthodox Church which is the foundation of our faith and nation. I as a Mayor, along with my co-workers work hard on improving the city, making it beautiful and preserving it. But our faith and tradition, rooted in our generations is one of the main reasons for our survival. I want to congratulate to all the citizens of Shtip this holiday and to those who are celebrating the day today, St.Nikola and to wish them health, happiness and success.

The solemn sermon was attended by several thousand people on the city square “Sloboda”. The celebration of “St.Nikola” as a patron of Shtip and a Day of the city is denoted for the fifth time since the introduction in 2009.



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