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Organizing of the municipal administration

According to the Act for organizing, scope of action and way of task accomplishing of the municipal administration (refined text) published in the “Official Gazette of Shtip Municipality” No. 12/15, the municipal administration of the Municipality of Shtip is organized in the following sectors and departments:

  1. 1.Sector for legal normative work, informing and services, informatics and common work
  • Department for legal normative work and support of the Council
  • Department for public procurement
  • Department for services and informing of the citizens
  • Department for informatics work
  • Department for common work
  1. 2.Sector for questions on finance
  • Department for the budget coordination
  • Department for the budget control
  • Department for accounting and payment
  • Department for administrating the income
  1. 3.Sector for urbanism and arranging of the constructing land, communal activities and life environment protection
  • Department for urbanism, construction, housing work and protection of the life environment
  • Department for arranging the construction land, regulation and geodetic work
  • Department for communal activities
  1. 4.Sector for public affairs, education and local economic development
  • Department for public affairs
  • Department for education
  • Department for local economic development
  1. 5.Sector for inspection work
  • Department for urban, constructional inspection and inspection over the traffic and the roads
  • Department for another kind of inspection from the authorization of the Municipality
  1. 6.Department for supporting the Mayor
  2. 7.Department for the internal revision
  3. 8.Department for human resource management
  4. 9.Territory fire prevention unit

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